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Inspirational music is more than a broad description of the genre Willemieke Brussee navigates. The Dutch singer and songwriter loves to sing about the nature of God and His perfect love; she is drawn to songs that inspire her faith and the people around her, but music also inspired her to discover her own God-given talents. It inspired her to practice her skills and ultimately release her own solo material featuring her signature versatile blend of worship, gospel, neo-soul, R&B and pop.

Dutch native Willemieke discovered her talent for music when she began playing keyboard and piano from the tender age of 7. It opened a door of expression that opened a little wider as time went by. A decade later, she sang in a church band and learned to harmonize and develop her vocal skills. These were tentative first steps for an insecure young person. While she worked to help people practically as a nurse in the I.C.U., Willemieke sang over people to help them voice their faith and feelings. But music was about to lure her out of her shell even more. It was an album from Mary Mary that saw Willemieke discover the power of gospel music as a vehicle to sing from the heart and express herself to God without restrictions. It was only a matter of time before music nudged her to take another step of faith. She auditioned for and became a part of the Gospel formation of Elvis E: the artist, producer and choir director. With the group, Willemieke has gained a great deal of experience on stage and in the studio. She has developed her skills in making vocal arrangements, leading choirs and groups and writing songs. As part of Elvis E's choir, she sang in the first season of the Dutch choral contest television show 'Amazing Grace'. She is also part of the annual theater experience 'Gospel For Everyone' from Elvis E. 

Willemieke has collaborated with a number of Dutch artists, including Giovanca, Eline and Sander & Angela.

The more Willemieke embraced music on her search to find her true identity in God, the more it took her to the next level to become not only her expression of faith, but that of others as well. Nowadays she spends her time as a vocal arranger, songwriter and singer for a variety of projects. Her love for a diversity of styles is matched only by her distinctive voice. A voice she now uses for her own solo material as well.

Her first single 'At The Cross' has been released in September 2022, with more on the way. "I was moved by the original song" she says, "and it inspired me to express myself in it the way I am. It was a confirmation to make it my own and continue singing with my identity in Christ secured."

With her solo material, Willemieke rearranges known gospel and worship classics, as well as write her own original songs. To her, God-given music now gives people new and exciting ways to voice their faith and make God known. It has truly become inspirational.

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